THE LAST HANDS IN ZELLIGE - آخر أيدي الزليج 

Documentary Short

Fes, Morocco | 2017

Role: Interviewer, Cinematographer, Editor

The Last Hands in Zellige follows the story of Driss Zourgane, a 36-year-old zellige worker in Ain Qbib, Fes, Morocco. Raised in a low-income, illiterate family, Zourgane dropped out of school at age seven and became a tile-maker in effort to help better his financial situation at home. Today, he is his family’s sole stream of income though he faces daily challenges in the changing industry. Modern day machine-made production is causing unfair competition in the market and driving out demand for traditional hand-made work. Though nervous about the future, Zourgane plans to be a zellige worker for the rest of his life. Even if Allah only gives him ten dirhams ($1 USD), he vows to give it to his family.