Short film 

Richmond, VA | 2019

Role: Cinematographer, Editor 

In Spring of 2016, I was a part of a freshman year seminar at University of Richmond called "Storytelling & Social Change." As a part of this course, UR students partnered with Bon Air Juvenile Correctional Center residents to share life narratives. Through this process, we came to better understand ourselves, eachother, and our commonalities.

Due to privacy restraints, communication beyond the program is prohibited. Three years later, I found myself still thinking about the friendship I had with my storytelling partner - still thinking about all the things I wish I had asked him or wish I had said to him. In Spring of 2019, I reconnected with the "Storytelling & Social Change" class in effort to provide a space for my younger peers to say everything they want to say in a last one-hour conversation.

Filming inside the jail was prohibited. These audio recordings emerge from the last one-hour conversation of four partner pairs. Through listening to their stories, I hope you feel their light and come to understand their truth just a little bit better.